Having completed my BA in Communication design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi and Masters from London College of Communication. My design practice revolves around Identity design and Creative Image making, Occasionally tinkering into Physical Computing and Street Art.  Working within Advertising Agencies as an Art Director my practice also involves brand strategy and creating holistic campaigns.
I am  also an avid illustrator and a Science fiction enthusiast, loves everything from Cosmos, spaceships and green aliens; and yes did I mention I am well versed in "Spiegelschrift".

Selected Work + Awards + Workshops ︎

︎ Penguin Random House Design Award 2016;
︎ Featured on Creative Conscience awards;
︎ Absolut India Bottle Design, Exhibited at India Art Fair;
︎ Altered Realities, Central Saint Martins;
︎ Near Future Fiction, Vol 1 Virtual Futures London;
︎ Strategic Design Thinkin, Design Academy 2016. Design Council, London
︎ UAL Future Forecasting 2025 (Exhibition);
︎ Featured on Youngcreative.org;
︎ ADAA 2010 award, semifinalist.