News UK is a British newspaper publisher currently publishing Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun. The brief was to redesign the NewsUK identity to celebrate a modern, vibrant and diverse Britain. The identity was worked upon keeping it really minimal, lightweight and simple. It also needed to be stark enough to catch attention and have a powerful presence.

The Identity was a no nonsense, no frills, straight-talking brand/channel. A news channel which feels immediate and is always on the pulse.

Head of Art: Dan Beckett , Marc Donaldson
Designers: William Yeung, Leona Lee


The Grid was based on the x height of ‘n’ from the wordmark along with three variations of the placeholder box for the images. This helped build up the rest of the content on the grid with additional information about the programs.

Rough Concepts/Sketches/Iniitial Ideas

Initial Concepts