Portrait of an Algorithm

The personification of a creative/super intelligent algorithm, who can think and be as creative and imaginative as humans.

What would the algorithm look like? Will it have a face? How do we distinguish it from a person? Will it have feelings or will it be just a faded vision in our minds?

It is often said that for an algorithm to be as close to human in terms of capabilities, it has to have a form, a physical embodiment of the substance which will let it experience in the same way as we humans do. The interaction it will have with its surroundings will have a profound effect on what it will create. It projects a sense of the coming future while reflecting on the present. It takes account of our fears, doubts, and anticipation and reflects on it.

Full Case Study

Art Direction/Illustration - Rohit Sharma
Research Project at London College of Communication.

General field of study for this project

The study includes the study of mathematics, algorithms, and theories which describe mathematical observation, probabilities, and deduction whilst making an analogy of these in relation to human perception and the process of image making. The intention is doing a comparison between the way a computer algorithm responds to a question. I want to represent the same using prototypes (Analog Algorithm) to restrict the movements thereby affecting the process of image making. We humans can feel, experience and believe. For an algorithm to be able to do so, it needs to experience in the same way as we do.