Working within Advertising as an Art Director/Integrated Designer across brands like Toyota, BMW, Absolut & Coca Cola, his design practice involves creating integrated campaigns across different media. His strength lies in Identity design, Art Direction, Motion design and Creative Image making, occasionally tinkering into Physical Computing. 

His work has won awards like The Penguin Design Award, ADAA, and Absolut India Bottle design competition and his work has also been featured on Creative Conscience awards, and Creativepool Awards. Some of his works have been exhibited at Central Saint Martins, London College of Communication galleries, Lights of Soho in London and India Art Fair. He is also an active judge at Creative Circle UK. Outside the agency he is an active player at the Surrey Cricket League and practices and teaches calligraphy.

Selected Work + Awards + Workshops

︎ Creativepool Awards, Shortlist, Graphic, 2019.
︎ Penguin Random House Design Award 2016;
︎ Featured on Creative Conscience awards;
︎ Creative Circle Judge 2020 | 2019
︎ Absolut India Bottle Design, Exhibited at India Art Fair;
︎ Exhibited at Altered Realities, Central Saint Martins; University of the Arts London.
︎ Near Future Fiction, Vol 1 Virtual Futures at Soho, London.
︎ Strategic Design Thinking, Design Academy 2016. Design Council, London
︎ Exhibited at Future Forecasting 2025 at London College of Communication, UAL.
︎ Featured on;
︎ ADAA 2010 award, semifinalist | Category: Illustration.

Typographical Printing-Surfaces

Typographical Printing-Surfaces: The technology and Mechanism of their production, published in 1916 remains a comprehensive survey of all forms of printing and print production techniques, often considered as the most exhaustive work on the subject of typecasting machinery.

I was drawn to the chapter on Logotypes, where he discusses possible reforms in the alphabet. After an extensive study of letter frequencies, the reforms suggested were: TH, th, wh, Wh, ng, sh...etc.
He suggested the gradual replacment of single characters with these new forms. (something similar is also found in the storyline of The sleeper awakes by HG Wells). The prominent replacements were ‘TH’, th and ng.

Here are some WIP sketches of possible characters, proposing how they might appear if as part of the classic typefaces that we are familiar with.

Ongoing Project

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