Working within Advertising as an Art Director/Integrated Designer across brands like Toyota, BMW, Absolut & Coca Cola, his design practice involves creating integrated campaigns across different media. His strength lies in Identity design, Motion design and Creative Image making, occasionally tinkering into Physical Computing and Street Art.

His work has won awards like The Penguin Design Award, ADAA, and Absolut India Bottle design competition and his work has also been featured on Creative Conscience awards, and Creativepool Awards. Some of his works have been exhibited at Central Saint Martins, London College of Communication galleries, Lights of Soho in London and India Art Fair. He is also an active judge at Creative Circle UK. Outside the agency he is an active player at the Surrey Cricket League and practices and teaches calligraphy.

Selected Work + Awards + Workshops

︎ Creativepool Awards, Shortlist, Graphic, 2019.
︎ Penguin Random House Design Award 2016;
︎ Featured on Creative Conscience awards;
︎ Creative Circle Judge 2020 | 2019
︎ Absolut India Bottle Design, Exhibited at India Art Fair;
︎ Exhibited at Altered Realities, Central Saint Martins; University of the Arts London.
︎ Near Future Fiction, Vol 1 Virtual Futures at Soho, London.
︎ Strategic Design Thinking, Design Academy 2016. Design Council, London
︎ Exhibited at Future Forecasting 2025 at London College of Communication, UAL.
︎ Featured on;
︎ ADAA 2010 award, semifinalist | Category: Illustration.

Typographical Printing-Surfaces

Typographical Printing-Surfaces: The technology and Mechanism of their production, published in 1916 remains a comprehensive survey of all forms of printing and print production techniques, often considered as the most exhaustive work on the subject of typecasting machinery.

I was drawn to the chapter on Logotypes, where he discusses possible reforms in the alphabet. After an extensive study of letter frequencies, the reforms suggested were: TH, th, wh, Wh, ng, sh...etc.
He suggested the gradual replacment of single characters with these new forms. (something similar is also found in the storyline of The sleeper awakes by HG Wells). The prominent replacements were ‘TH’, th and ng.

Here are some WIP sketches of possible characters, proposing how they might appear if as part of the classic typefaces that we are familiar with.

#LucienAlphonseLegros #JohnCameronGrant
#wip #typehistory #selfproject


Tour poster advertising Alar The Human Arrow from Barnum and Bailey's Circus, in Conjunction with The Marvellous Flying Zedoras, c.1897.
Pansy Chinery Collection. @vamuseum Theatre and Performance (Room 106). The tasteful type caught my attention and have decided to work on the full set for it! Here is quick sneak peek of the beloved ‘g’.

#typedesign #typehistory #poster #experiments #workinprogress #glyphs

Alphabets of Humanity

Alphabets of Humanity has been developed to restore a sense of immediacy and origins within the stories told by immigrants and refugees. The aim is to generate awareness of what is lost when people are unable to express their opinions and needs due to language limitations.

Each typeface integrates elements of the stylistic aspects of the origin languages, including the flourishes of traditional typography from Arabic, to Polish and Thai.
“When we read, we are reading more than just the words in front of us. Anyone who has used different fonts knows that the typeface has a huge impact upon the way in which words are read and understood. By making the words carry the cultural inflections of refugees’ home countries, we add an extra dimension to their words.

Art Direction/Illustration - Rohit Sharma
Copywriter: Bel Aguas
Client - D&AD 2017 Design Award
Year - 2017
Category: Graphic Design, Typography

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Portrait of an Algorithm

The personification of a creative/super intelligent algorithm, who can think and be as creative and imaginative as humans.

What would the algorithm look like? Will it have a face? How do we distinguish it from a person? Will it have feelings or will it be just a faded vision in our minds?

It is often said that for an algorithm to be as close to human in terms of capabilities, it has to have a form, a physical embodiment of the substance which will let it experience in the same way as we humans do. The interaction it will have with its surroundings will have a profound effect on what it will create. It projects a sense of the coming future while reflecting on the present. It takes account of our fears, doubts, and anticipation and reflects on it.

General field of study: My general field of study includes the study of mathematics, algorithms, and theories which describe mathematical observation, probabilities, and deduction whilst making an analogy of these in relation to human perception and the process of image making. The intention is doing a comparison between the way a computer algorithm responds to a question. I want to represent the same using prototypes (Analog Algorithm) to restrict the movements thereby affecting the process of image making. We humans can feel, experience and believe. For an algorithm to be able to do so, it needs to experience in the same way as we do.  

Art Direction/Illustration - Rohit Sharma
Research Project
Year - 2017
Category: Speculative Design

Untitled Aa01-Single | Album Artwork

MyT by Toyota

The aim of the project was to bring together the connected services offered by Toyota into a simple unified application. With the rollout of many different Connected Services over the coming years, a single umbrella brand for Toyota was needed to build awareness, clarity, and familiarity of Toyota’s offering, as well as differentiation from competitors.

MyT Connected Services identity was also designed keeping in mind Toyota’s transition from a car manufacturer to mobility provider, extending and deepening the relationship Toyota owners have with their vehicle and the brand and making it more personal. The organic approach was devised to bring a human touch to the logotype, depicting the fluidity of natural handwriting.

Head of Art: Dan Beckett | Executive Creative Director: Andre Moreira
Integrated Designer: Reiss Butler, Lula Napiorkowski
Visualiser: Tim Taylor
Creative Team: Andreas Lefteris and Elson Rodrigues
Production: Mark Jones, Federica Pasculli

G1 Yaris Reveal

Title design for the launch of the new G1 yaris. 

Executive Creative Director: Andre Moreira
Head of Art: Dan Beckett
Creative Director: Phil Beaumont
Production: Mark Jones

Cue 3 | Motion Design

A set of social videos were designed to enagage with the audience for the 2019 basketball world cup where the CUE3 robot challenges the pro basketball players and their shooting skills. 

Head of Art: Dan Beckett | Executive Creative Director: Andre Moreira
Creative Team: Tayfun Sarier, Guus Ter Beek
Production: Mark Jones, Federica Pasculli 

GR Supra | For the Feeling

A set of print ads for the launch of GR Supra. The broken typographic treatment was inspired from the exhiliration and excitement that you get when you drive the Supra.

Executive Creative Director: Andre Moreira
Head of Art: Dan Beckett
Creative Director: Phil Beaumont
Retouching: Tim Taylor
Production: Mark Jones

Some early motion concepts

Hybrid Excellence | Lead the Charge

Toyota has been the innovator and leader of hybrid technology for over two decades but the automotive landscape is facing a once-in-a-generation change. In 2020 there will be an explosion of competitor hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric model launches, which will be backed by significant media spend. Electrification is gaining momentum: this is both an advantage for Toyota, in terms of strong growth in consumer preference for hybrid, and a threat, in terms of increased competition and electric vehicle hype.

The campaign is designed to assert our hybrid leadership. It shows that Toyota Hybrid delivers the exciting benefits and modern image of electric power, with none of the barriers - making it the ideal solution for moving into an electrified world.


Executive Creative Director: Andre Moreira
Head of Art: Dan Beckett
Creative Director: Jim Stump
CGI: Tim Taylor
Production: Mark Jones

UAL Futures:

Project undertaken under UAL: London College of Communication to design the new Brand Idedntity for UAL Futures; their mission is to inspire and support digital creativity at University of the Arts London (UAL).
As part of UAL’s Teaching and Learning Exchange, our goal is to define, demystify and shape the digital capabilities students need to thrive in a connected future.

Art Direction/Illustration - Rohit Sharma
Client - UAL
Year - 2017
Category: Graphic Design, Branding

Centre for social and behaviour change

Logo Designed for the Ashoka University Centre for Social and Behaviour Change (CSBC). It is set up by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The vision of the Centre is to establish an institution in India that is globally reputed for thought leadership and excellence in impactful behaviour change interventions for poor and marginalized populations.

Senior Creative Director: Nitin Srivastava
Art Director: Ojasvi Mohanty
Agency: Ogilvy, New Delhi

Independent Thought

A campaign created for a month-long pop-up show at Redchurch Street, London.

‘Independent Thought’ the month-long shop was set to host exhibitions from up and coming artists and photographers as well as feature exclusive in-store releases and giveaways from each of the British labels, SCRT, ADYN and Twelvesons.

The identity/campaign creates a unique voice that resonates with the brands whilst challenging social and political norms. Calls into question the views of the audience by presenting aspects of Fashion, Art, Design and Street Culture.

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The Texture Factory

Identity Design for ‘The Texture Factory’. An independent Design label run by Sophie Minal.

Art Direction/Illustration - Rohit Sharma
Client - The Texture Factory


Brand Identity Design for Athliit. A copenhagen based Sports management startup.

Art Direction/Illustration - Rohit Sharma
Client - Athliit

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Option 1 The logo emphasizes on the fact that ‘athliit’ is a one stop shop for all their needs(consumers). the cursive /italic form gives it a sense of movement and familiarity which the consumers can directly relate with. the refined serifs and weights also enhances the exclusivity of the services provided.

Option 2 A sports tech company thriving to create a better environment for the athletes and people alike. the logo makes use of the symbols (forward slash) to have an essence of a tech firm. the two forward slashes that forms the two ‘i’also symbolizes a forward moving direction. The ‘never stop you!’ attitude.

Option 3  Amuch more structured approach to the logo. A strong dependable form which fuses combination of old school and raw power directly into the wordmark.

Option 4  The wordmark is a dynamic symbol of the word ‘athliit’. each individual alphabet keeps changing which resonates with the philosophy of the brand, and talks about change and a constant desire to perfection. striving for the best the effective wordmark will have one identity albeit having various renditions.

Option 5 

Experimental Black letter Kinetic calligraphy

*Ongoing Experiments

Animated Posts

Animated titles designed for use in social media and other digital channels of the agency.

Head of Art: Dan Beckett

Zine Covers

Publication Design for the Final Major project at London College of Communication. The final project ‘The Parallel Self’ was reimagined into a zine.

Art Direction/Illustration - Rohit Sharma
Client - University of the Arts London

Absolut Laboatory

Packaging design and concept for Absolut Flaska cocktail kit. Absolut Laboratory represents Absolut with its absolute essentials. The Twin Flasks on either side of the bottle give an impression of being important components of Absolut drinking and mixing process.

Art Direction/Illustration - Rohit Sharma
Associate Creative Director: Amrish Kondurkar
Photographer: Ravi Dhingra

Steve Jobs Poster

Browser Wars

Browser Wars 🌐[Web 3.0]. Personal project proposing a decentralised internet, devoid of hate speech, superficial emotions, useless banter and self praise!.

Summer Illustrators Fair
Exhibited at Summer Illustrators Fair at House of Illustration, London.

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