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Work in Progress for a new Devanagari font.

A Clockwork Orange

A cover that explores the philosophy of ultraviolence practised by the protagonist, Alex. The illustration juxtaposes the mental state and idealism of Alex, which revolve around rape, crime and violence.

The figure and ground rendition enhances the idea that everything is imbibed in him, from which he cannot escape; from drugs to his visit to Korova milk bar - both subtly referenced, forming the silhouette of his face. Much like the many-layers of one’s character, the cover explores the unfolding of this notion, revealing the protagonist to the audience.

Design/Illustration - Rohit Sharma
2nd Prize, Penguin Design Award
Category: Graphic Design, Book Cover

Judges’ Comments
‘This is both elegant and aggressive, which is such a hard combination to achieve’ - Alexandra Shulman

‘Incredibly clever. The three images – face, figure and droplet – all tie together seamlessly’
- Richard Bravery – Senior Designer, Penguin General Books

‘This was the most immediately striking of the covers for me. I liked the clever double-entendre of the woman’s body and the face. It’s a strong, graphic solution that captures the sexual violence too’
- Joanna Prior – Managing Director, Penguin General Books

‘Graphically very clever. A resourceful solution to placing the title text’
- David Shrigley

‘An imaginative and well-crafted illustration which cleverly captures the themes
of the book’
- Jim Stoddart – Art Director, Penguin Press

Joy of Sets: Stanley Kubrick Archive

Part of the team which built the iconic Centrifuge set from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, Organised by Scene Everything along with London College of Communication, as a part of London Design Festival 2016. A four-day event which included working in small groups and prototyping the set from start to finish.

Team project
Client - University of the Arts London
Year - 2016
Category: Installation, Set Design

Alphabets of Humanity

Alphabets of Humanity has been developed to restore a sense of immediacy and origins within the stories told by immigrants and refugees. The aim is to generate awareness of what is lost when people are unable to express their opinions and needs due to language limitations.

Each typeface integrates elements of the stylistic aspects of the origin languages, including the flourishes of traditional typography from Arabic, to Polish and Thai.
“When we read, we are reading more than just the words in front of us. Anyone who has used different fonts knows that the typeface has a huge impact upon the way in which words are read and understood. By making the words carry the cultural inflections of refugees’ home countries, we add an extra dimension to their words.

Art Direction/Illustration - Rohit Sharma
Copywriter: Bel Aguas
Client - D&AD 2017 Design Award
Year - 2017
Category: Graphic Design, Typography

Visit Case Study

UAL Futures:

Project undertaken under UAL: London College of Communication to design the new Brand Idedntity for UAL Futures; their mission is to inspire and support digital creativity at University of the Arts London (UAL).
As part of UAL’s Teaching and Learning Exchange, our goal is to define, demystify and shape the digital capabilities students need to thrive in a connected future.

Art Direction/Illustration - Rohit Sharma
Client - UAL
Year - 2017
Category: Graphic Design, Branding

MyT by Toyota

The aim of the project was to bring together the connected services offered by Toyota into a simple unified application. With the rollout of many different Connected Services over the coming years, a single umbrella brand for Toyota was needed to build awareness, clarity, and familiarity of Toyota’s offering, as well as differentiation from competitors.

MyT Connected Services identity was also designed keeping in mind Toyota’s transition from a car manufacturer to mobility provider, extending and deepening the relationship Toyota owners have with their vehicle and the brand and making it more personal. The organic approach was devised to bring a human touch to the logotype, depicting the fluidity of natural handwriting.

Integrated Designer: Reiss Butler, Lula Napiorkowski
Creative Team: Andreas Lefteris and Elson Rodrigues
Head of Art: Dan Beckett | Executive Creative Director: Andre Moreira
Production: Mark Jones, Federica Pasculli


Levis | Live Less


Levis Concept 1

Levis Concept 2

Centre for social and behaviour change

Logo Designed for the Ashoka University Centre for Social and Behaviour Change (CSBC). It is set up by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The vision of the Centre is to establish an institution in India that is globally reputed for thought leadership and excellence in impactful behaviour change interventions for poor and marginalized populations.


Senior Creative Director: Nitin Srivastava
Art Director: Ojasvi Mohanty
Agency: Ogilvy, New Delhi

G1 Yaris Prelaunch Title design.

Creative Director: Phil Beaumont
Executive Creative Director: Andre Moreira
Head of Art: Dan Beckett
CGI: Tim Taylor
Production: Mark Jones


Worked on a pitch proposal for Intel for rebranding their logo, pneumonic and tagline.  

Agency: The&Partnership


Coca Cola

Limited Artist Edition Bottles for Coca Cola’ A coke initiative with Wieden + Kennedy to promote lesser known crafts of India and bringing them to the forefront. The graphics were developed in sync with few selected craft form and was translated into the bottle packaging.

Art Direction/Illustration - Rohit Sharma
Client - Cocal Cola (Wieden + Kennedy, New Delhi)


Portrait of an Algorithm

The personification of a creative/super intelligent algorithm, who can think and be as creative and imaginative as humans.

What would the algorithm look like? Will it have a face? How do we distinguish it from a person? Will it have feelings or will it be just a faded vision in our minds?

It is often said that for an algorithm to be as close to human in terms of capabilities, it has to have a form, a physical embodiment of the substance which will let it experience in the same way as we humans do. The interaction it will have with its surroundings will have a profound effect on what it will create. It projects a sense of the coming future while reflecting on the present. It takes account of our fears, doubts, and anticipation and reflects on it.

General field of study: My general field of study includes the study of mathematics, algorithms, and theories which describe mathematical observation, probabilities, and deduction whilst making an analogy of these in relation to human perception and the process of image making. The intention is doing a comparison between the way a computer algorithm responds to a question. I want to represent the same using prototypes (Analog Algorithm) to restrict the movements thereby affecting the process of image making.

We humans can feel, experience and believe. For an algorithm to be able to do so, it needs to experience in the same way as we do.

Art Direction/Illustration - Rohit Sharma
Research Project
Year - 2017
Category: Speculative Design


Experimental Black letter Kinetic calligraphy

*Ongoing Experiments


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Head of Art: Dan Beckett
Integrated Designer: Lula Napiorkowski
Creative Team: Andreas Lefteris and Elson Rodrigues
Production: Mark Jones, Federica Pasculli

A Bold History of Hygiene

Indian History has always boldly espoused rituals of cleaning. Over the course of millenia, dynasties and despots alike oversaw the construction of Stepwells all over the country, giving their people universal access to sanitation and instilling a culture of cleanliness that is a part of our heritage, Today these architectural marvels may be all but gone, but their bold legacy of healthy life endures.

A tribute to ancient Stepwells of India.

Art Direction/Illustration - Rohit Sharma
Associate creative Director: Amrish Kondurkar
Senior creative Director: Nitin Srivavstava
Copywriter: Shrey Byala
Client - Kohler(Ogilvy)
Year - 2015
Category: Graphic Design, Illustration


Web 3.0

Absolut Laboatory

Packaging design and concept for Absolut Flaska cocktail kit. Absolut Laboratory represents Absolut with its absolute essentials. The Twin Flasks on either side of the bottle give an impression of being important components of Absolut drinking and mixing process.

Art Direction/Illustration - Rohit Sharma
Associate Creative Director: Amrish Kondurkar
Photographer: Ravi Dhingra
Client - Absolut (Ogilvy)
Year - 2016
Category: Packaging Design, Graphic Design

Steve Jobs Poster

Browser Wars

Browser Wars 🌐[Web 3.0]. Personal project proposing a decentralised internet, devoid of hate speech, superficial emotions, useless banter and self praise!.

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