WalkersThe integrated campaign features 
a hero 30” TVC which depicts real Walkers potato farmers on a real Walkers farm showing how they care 
for their crops, soundtracked by Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s number one hit ‘The Power of Love’. The film then flips the script with a cheeky take on the provenance-based TV ad, contrasting the beautiful romanticised depiction 
of farming with the down to earth, idiosyncratic ways in which people love to devour their tasty crisps, making sure they get to every last crumb.

Marking a new creative direction for the brand, OOH and digital elements of the campaign juxtapose beautiful shots 
of Walkers farmers with the many locations and ways in which people snack on a bag of Walkers’ crisps, making reference to its famous #CrispIN or #CrispOUT brand platform.

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